10 health benefits of Khudri dates

Allah Almighty has not only given taste to Khudri dates but also has placed enormous health benefits in it. We have also helped people in deciding which date to buy as they often draw a comparison of Khudri vs Medjool or vs Safawi Dates according to their price and benefits. Recommended: 10 Best Types of Dates in Saudi Arabia

Health benefits of Khudri dates

  1. Source of natural sugar

Khudri dates have a lot of health benefits and it is a quick source of energy. These dates are packed with natural sugars such as glucose and fructose. Such sugars are not bad for the body as they get absorbed instantly.

  1. Stops abdominal cancer

One of the newly discovered health benefits of Khudri dates is that they act as an agent helping in stopping the growth of most of the cancers, prominently abdominal cancer. It has been seen that the Arabs who consume dates on a regular basis have the lowest tendency to develop cancer. 

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  1. Makes heart strong

The most important of all organs: the heart needs to be strong so that the entire body could function properly. In the era, where the young ones are also vulnerable to heart diseases, the health benefit of Khudri dates is that it makes the heart strong and less prone to heart attacks.

  1. The solution to obesity

The health benefit of Khudri dates for those who are on diet control is that it tends to make one resistive towards hunger due to its nutrition value. Moreover, eating these dates does not aid in weight gain as it is composed of natural sugars that do not saturate in the body.

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  1. Easing baby birth

The health benefit of eating Khudri dates for pregnant women is that it reduces the pain at the time of childbirth. These dates are scientifically proven to stimulate hormones which tend to reinforce the uterus.

Moreover, it aids in developing milk for nursing mothers. The weakness due to blood loss at the time of delivery can be overcome by eating these dates.

  1. Recommended for lactating mothers

These dates contain anti-depressants and boost milk growth due to which they are highly recommended to nursing mothers. Moreover, it allows milk to get enriched with nutrients that help in the growth of the baby and prevents it from developing disorders.

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  1. Helps to build strong bones

Another benefit of Khudri dates is that they help in making the bones strong due to a good amount of calcium incorporated in them. Children, adults and those suffering from calcium deficiency should make these dates an essential part of their diet to develop healthy and strong bones.

  1. Nutrition Value

Khudri dates have a great nutrition value and substantial amounts of calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, magnesium, unstable oils, Vitamin-B6, folic acid, proteins, sugars, and natural vitamins.

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  1. Helps in the prevention of Intestinal Disturbances

Another health benefit of eating Khudri dates in the morning on an empty stomach is that it helps to kill intestinal worms and other parasites, as these dates contain antidote which hinders the progress of intestinal worms and parasites. These dates are rich in fiber which helps in relieving constipation.

  1. Improving eyesight

Khudri dates have been found to have a positive impact on eyesight which is a great health benefit. They also prevent the user from developing nigh time blindness.

Khudri vs Medjool vs Dates

People often draw a comparison between Khudri vs Medjool and Safawi dates as all of these dates are high in iron and calcium and very sweet to eat. However, considering the high level of sweetness in Medjool dates, diabetic patients try to avoid it. We have written a detailed article on this topic in another post. Recommended: 7 Health Benefits of Safawi Dates

The Price of Khudri Dates in Saudi Arabia

If you have been living in Saudi Arabia, you must be interested to know the price of Khudri dates in Saudi Arabia. Well, the price varies from the region to region. However, you will find the cheapest price of Khudri dates in the city of Madina where it costs around SR 40 per Kg.

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