8 Health Benefits of Drinking Camel Milk

When we hear of milk, the first thing that comes to our mind is cow’s milk, however in various parts of the world goat milk and camel milk is used more than cow’s milk. Camel milk has been used for centuries by nomadic people for medicinal purposes. After reading about the benefits camel milk possesses I am sure most of you will start using it in your daily lives. However, I strongly encourage you to do your own research before doing so. Before trying anything new always consult with your doctor, so that you are certain that it may not have adverse effects on you.[irp]

1-It is reportedly the closest to human mother’s milk and contains three times more vitamin C and 10 times more iron than cow’s milk.

2-Camels possess powerful, unique immune-system components, which are present in their milk.

3-Camel milk has been known to benefit some cases of autism and diabetes. However, before you down a glass, it is best to consult your doctor.

4-Camel milk contains a rich source of insulin along with healthy minerals and vitamins. The milk has almost a quart of insulin per liter of milk making it highly beneficial for the treatment of diabetics. Half a liter of fresh camel milk daily can improve the lives of diabetics as it contains an insulin-like protein which quickly absorbs and does not solidify.

5-Camel milk is also reported to have helped some cases of autism. Ina study conducted in 2005, a 4-year-old girl consumed camel milk for 40 days after which her symptoms of autism disappeared. A 15-year-old boy recovered after consuming camel milk for 30 days. Some 21-year-old autistic people also drank camel milk for two days, which results in them becoming less self-destructive and quieter.

6-Treatment of tuberculosis and other lung ailments have been done using camel milk. In India, camel milk is used to cure jaundice anemia, dropsy, and tuberculosis

7-Camel milk does not contain two strong allergens found in cow milk. They also contain immune system components that are beneficial for children who are allergic to milk and some other foods. According to a study, eight children were asked to consume camel milk. These children suffered severe food allergies. Daily progress reports showed that these children completely recovered from their allergies without side effects. It should be noted that these children had previously not responded to medicinal treatments for their allergies

8-The powerful immune system component found in camel milk also help fight off diseases. The tiny size of the antibodies or immunoglobulin that is found in camel’s milk enables easy penetration and targeting of antigens, which are disease-causing foreign substances, by the immune system. People with Crohn's disease, multiple sclerosis or other immune system disorders have immune systems that attack their own body. Where most traditional treatments aim to suppress the immune system, camel milk benefits these problems, by enhancing the immune system.

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