Hazrat Shoaib A.S. and the people of Madyan – Where is it located now?

The stories of Prophets of Islam Allah had sent down a total of 124,000 Prophets for the guidance of mankind. These prophets were not sent down at one time, rather were sent down in different time periods. The very first Prophet being Adam (may Allah be pleased with him) and the last being Muhammad (PBUH).

The source of guidance for all the Muslims is Quran (the Holy Book revealed to the last Prophet) and Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH). Evidence from both sources reveals the name of few Prophets.

Also, both sources have revealed interesting stories of some of the Prophets. Here we will share some incidents and authentic stories of Hazrat Shoaib A.S.

In the past when the people used to get involve in mischiefs and forget about Allah, Allah used to send Prophets for their reconciliation. The people of Midian or Madyan and dwellers of the wood used to commit sins and did not repent of it.

They got involved in unethical activities like robbery, improper measurement while selling goods and causing trouble to others.

The Prophet Hazrat Shoaib A.S (May Allah be pleased with him) who was descendant of the Prophet Ibrahim was sent towards the people of Midian and the Dwellers.

He came to preach Allah’s message and guided them towards the righteous path. The most serious crime they committed was to make people turn away people from Allah’s teaching.

Hazrat Shoaib A.S used to tell them about the correct path, he tried to change their behavior and ask them to abandon sins.

The shrine or tomb of the Prophet Shoaib in Wadi Shoaib, west of Mahis, Jordan

And to [the people of] Madyan [We sent] their brother Shoaib. He said, “O my people, worship Allah; you have no deity other than Him. There has come to you clear evidence from your Lord. So fulfill the measure and weight and do not deprive people of their due and cause not corruption upon the earth after its reformation. That is better for you if you should be believers. – Quran 7:85

But they didn’t listen to him at all. They planned to exile Hazrat Shoaib A.S and his followers from their city.

Allah sent an earthquake toward these stubborn and selfish people which took away lives of all. The believers were the ones who remained safe from such a punishment.

Madyan is a geographical place mentioned in the Torah and Quran. Magha’er Shoaib is a historical place that lies 225 km northwest of Tabuk city in Saudi Arabia. Very few know this site.

The shrine or tomb of the Prophet Shoaib in Wadi Shoaib, west of Mahis, Jordan

This city is illustrated in Quran by the name Madyan. This place signifies the name of Prophet Shoaib.

The name of Hazrat Shoaib A.S. is mentioned in the Holy Quran for 11 times. In the Holy Bible, he is mentioned with the name of Prophet Jethro.

The shrine or tomb of the Prophet Shoaib is situated in Wadi Shoaib, just west of Mahis, Jordan but there are some other claims of other sites located in the Sinai Peninsula and historical Palestine.

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