Hazrat Loot A.S. and first-ever gay community on the Earth

Allah has sent down around 124,000 prophets on the earth and one of them is Prophet Hazrat Loot A.S. Today, we are going to share the story of Prophet Hazrat Loot A.S. and his interaction with the first-ever gay community on the earth as it has appeared in the Holy Quran.

Prophet Loot A.S. was the nephew of Prophet Ibrahim A.S. In fact when the angels came to destroy the people of Loot, they first came to see Prophet Ibrahim A.S. 

Prophet Hazrat Loot A.S was sent down to the people who were involved in evil doings. Its residents waylaid, robbed and even killed the travelers. Another common evil among them was that their men use men instead of women to fulfill their physical desires. This unnatural act was practiced openly without shame.

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It was not acceptable and thereby Allah ordered Prophet Hazrat Loot A.S to preach Allah’s message so that they may revert to the right path. But they won’t listen to him.

Allah Almighty revealed the story of Prophet Hazrat Loot A.S. in the Holy Quran. “The people of Loot denied the messengers. When their brother Loot said to them: ‘Do you approach males among the worlds? And leave what your Lord has created for you as mates? But you are a people transgressing.’ They said: ‘If you do not desist, O Loot, you will surely be of those evicted.” [Quran: 26:165-167]

They were stubborn and would resist in abandoning the sinful acts. Hazrat Loot A.S was saddened by the behavior of the people: when he told them that Allah would punish them greatly, instead of being fearful, they said: ‘Bring us the punishment of Allah, if you should be of the truthful!” [Quran: 29:29]

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When Angels came to destroy the people of Loot

The Holy Quran explains that when angels came to destroy the people of Prophet Hazrat Loot A.S, they came as beautiful boys. They stayed at the house of Prophet Loot A.S. The people of Loot A.S. got together in front of Prophet’s house to demanded him to provide those young and beautiful boys to them.

Prophet Hazrat Loot A.S. was so disappointed, he tried to persuade them that they can fulfill their sexual desires with their wives but they did not listen to it. 

Ultimately, those beautiful young boys told Hazrat Loot A.S. that they are angels and he should not feel ashamed. They asked him to leave the area before morning with his daughters.

The wife of Hazrat Loot A.S. also died

They also told him that the wife of Hazrat Loot A.S. will not be able to save herself as she is with those who will be cursed by Allah.

Allah punished them with a rain of stones which eventually destroyed them and no marks of these sinful people were left on the face of the Earth. Allah has explained the incident in the following words:

So We saved him and his family, all. Except for an old woman [his wife] among those who remained behind. Then We destroyed the others. And We rained upon them a rain [of stones], and evil was the rain of those who were warned. [Quran: 26:170-173]

While narrating the story of Hazrat Loot A.S. it is stated in the Bible, “It rained fire and sulfur as they escaped the city that looked like hell. But Lot’s wife looked back—and she was turned into a pillar of salt!” – Genesis 19:26

It is said that this is the place where the wife of Prophet Loot A.S. turned back and turned into a pillar of salt. If you go towards the Dead Sea from Aqaba, you will find this place on your way.

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As Muslims, we know that rain of stones must have occurred. Allah Almighty is capable of doing anything. But can science support this event? On Nov. 23, 2013, the volcano of Mount Etna cast out pumice stones along with dust and ashes into the sky.

As a result, the cars in Italy were covered with small yet sharp black stones. So there is a possibility of raining stones even today.

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Scientists believe that rocks can rain during tornadoes or similar conditions. But tornadoes can cause rocks to fly, but cannot cause rocks to rain from the sky!

Also in countries with fine weather, rocks have been reported to fall. Some experts believe that raining stones may be caused by a meteorite entering Earth’s atmosphere and thereby breaking up into thousands of smaller stones. However, such an event requires a sonic boom, which has not been reported to occur.

Science does support the event of raining stones to an extent only. There are some parts which need further clarification, yet it seems like scientists are reluctant to throw light on the phenomenon!

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The major difference between the story of Hazrat Loot A.S in the Quran and Lot in the Bible is that the Biblical version includes stories of Lot’s incestuous relationship with his daughters – Genesis 19:30-38

Since Lut (upon him be peace) was sent as a prophet and as all prophets are perfect examples of morality these stories are completely rejected by Muslims. 

The tomb of Hazrat Loot A.S is situated in the town of Bani Na’im near the Dead Sea.

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