Has Saudi Arabia imposed SR 700 per expatriate Umrah Free?

Every Muslim desire to visit Makkah as many times as he can. The expats living in Saudi Arabia and near to the city of Makkah always try to visit the Holy Mosque and perform Umrah every weekend.

But last week a false news about Expatriate Umrah fees, wildly spread on social media which angered the expats. According to the report, the expatriates will have to pay special fees at special offices that will be set up at all the entrance of Makkah where the religious rites are performed.

It also stated that special offices will be set up at King Abdul Aziz airport and train station in Jeddah, Taif regional airport, Mohammad bin Abdul Aziz airport in Madina and the train station of Madina.

The reports said that the only foreigners living in Makkah will be exempted from paying the Umrah fees. But soon after the spread of this news, Saudi Arabia denied the reports that it would impose any extra fees on expatriates living in the Kingdom and planning to perform Umrah.

This was a good news for all the Muslim expats of Saudi Arabia. Abdul Aziz Wazzan, the Hajj, and Umrah ministry undersecretary revealed that the reports that stated about imposing Umrah fees on the expatriates in Saudi Arabia totally lacked credibility and were not true.

He said that these are mere allegations that were circulated on social media and there is no plan to impose any Umrah fees and there is not even any study being carried out regarding this matter.

The Hajj and Umrah ministry official totally denied the reports and said they will make possible efforts to prevent such spreading of false allegations.

It is said that these types of news are spreading in the virtual world of social media and they will surely and invariably respond to dismiss the false reports or confirm them if they are true.

In August, SR 2,000 fee was imposed on the people coming to Saudi Arabia on Family Visit Visa. The fee is not imposed for those who were performing Hajj and Umrah for the first time.

The general authorities for Statistic said, In Saudi Arabia, among its 32.5 million people, foreigners contribute more than one-third of this population and among them, 10.7 million expatriates living and working in the Kingdom, contributes 33.75 percent to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Here we have a lesson for everyone to not to believe everything you see on social media.

Source: Gulf News

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