Has Dammam Airport started selling duty-free Alchohol? Viral Video

A video went viral on Saudi social media which claimed that Alcohol trade is being carried at King Fahad International Dammam airport.

This was a topic of huge debate on Saudi social media as we all know that Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country and Alcohol is considered one of the Haraam things in Islam and most importantly it is banned in Saudi Arabia.

It is rather taken as a crime to trade or to use alcohol in the Kingdom. After the circulation of the video on social media, Dammam Airport Company (DACO) clearly denied the reports that King Fahad International airport is selling Alcohol to Kingdom.

Chief Executive officer of Dammam airport company Turki A Al-Jawini warned the public for spreading such false and unreliable news in the Kingdom through their social media accounts and said that the case has been moved to the legal department of the company

The Lawyers are working on legal trials that will be taken soon. In that video, it can be easily seen boxes of liquor and vodka with some name stated on it are being unloaded from the truck.

Saudi media stated that the fact is the video is by the Saudi Custom officers who foiled an attempt to smuggle 8,200 banned bottles and can of alcohol into the Kingdom.

The head of the custom, Fahad Sulaiman Al Balaihid said, The officers at King Fahad Road, 25 km terrestrial link between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, caught a large amount of Liquor and Beer which was carefully hidden in the trucks and was unable to find easily, but our officers discovered it during their routine inspection of a truck.

The item was discovered and sealed which included the various size of cans and bottles with different names mentioned on it. The videos showing the stock of liquor and beer cans and bottles are circulated on social media.

Moreover, it can be clearly seen in all the videos and pictures that there is no evidence that proves the video relates to King Fahad international airport Dammam so people should have to be careful before spreading any news on social media.

They should try to stop spreading lies in the country and defame our country. Before sharing and posting any post on social media one should make sure that the post they are sharing contains right and correct information.

Source: Gulf News

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