Has Crown Prince changed the view of Saudi Arabia in front of the entire World?

Saudi Arabia is one of the top 20 countries of the world in terms of economy. It is thought of as the leader of the Arabs and Muslims. The vision 2030 is a big step forward for the country but it is also necessary for many aspects.

The country’s economy is threatened to fall because it is running out of oil and resources. It is a country considered to be moving at a high pace and if it crashes now then the consequences will be more severe. If the economy crashes, then a lot of people will have to suffer, including the government.[irp]

So vision 2030 comes as a step forward and also as a remedy to keep things on track and to save the country from crashing. It is important that the resources are utilized properly and the economy is kept on track.

The vision 2030 is a huge well-studied and well-planned project with a lot of research at the back end and the commitment of the leadership towards it is remarkably amazing. The commitment level matters from the top to the base level.

In this case, the 70 percent population of the country are below the age of 30 and they are absolutely thrilled with this vision. The Crown Prince has motivated the people of the country and has put tremendous effort towards this vision.

He has motivated the generation with the language they understand. He has also given them hope and new dreams in the light of the vision 2030. The women felt as if they were left out, now this is not the case. The women have been invited to participate and lead.

They are being heard like never before, these developments have been made very recently and they are progressing further with time. Women are taking their rightful place beside men in running businesses and government affairs. At work, a female employee equals two males in job localization percentage.

Such generous rewards make companies prefer employing women. Saudi leadership has launched mega-projects like the NEOM, Red Sea, Jeddah Town, Al-Faisaliah, Makkah and Madina Development and Al-Qadiah.

All of these projects are a step into the future and are motivating the young generation of the country. This makes them all the more determined towards the vision as it opens doors of opportunities for them.

Like Dubai has made economical miracles happen, Saudi Arabia now strives for the same goal.  The opening up of the country’s economy, tourism, natural treasures and human resources to international investors and visitors is an overdue step in the right direction.

The world previously saw Saudi Arabia as a country living on the income of its oil reserves, but the crown prince has somewhat changed its image. With the vision 2030, the world sees Saudi Arabia as a country progressing rapidly and making some big steps forward.

The crown prince has motivated his people and has taken put the country on a whole new path towards its success and betterment.

Source: Al Arabiya

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