4 Haram things in Husband/Wife bed relation in Islam

Islam allows every kind of intimate or bed relation between a Muslim husband and wife during sex except for 4 Haram things.

Sex through Anus

The first Haram thing in a husband/wife bed relation in Islam is sex through Anus. There is a consensus on this topic by all sects of Islam that this is a prohibited act in Islam. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said;

husband and wife relationship in bed in islam

During Menstrual Cycle

Islam also prohibits husband and wife to have sex during the women’s menstrual cycle and during her postpartum bleeding.

Muslim husband and wife can actually kiss each other, hold hands and make love in every possible way but cannot have sexual intercourse. – Sunan Ibn Majah 644

what is haram between husband and wife in islam during sex

Being Vulgar/Filthy

Islam also requires husband and wife to maintain a relation of dignity on the bed even during sex. Muslim husband and wife cannot use bad words, call names or curse each other during intimacy.

Again coming to the concept of filthiness, there are certain products used in the western culture that are filthy and unhygienic and thereby shall not be used by the Muslims.

Be Wasteful

Whatever you use during sex, you should not waste it. For instance, we are allowed to use food during sex but the food shall be for consuming purposes. We talk about the chocolate sauce and whip cream: you can use them to eat them and shall not waste them.

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