Handover all copies of Quran or face harsh punishment – Chinese Police

Muslims in China are being asked by the government authorities to hand over their praying mats and copies of Quran. The new campaign started by the Chinese government in the Xinjiang territory is basically a crackdown against Muslims.

When Muslims won’t be equipped with copies of Quran and praying mat, how would they able to practice and preach their religion?  According to the Chinese authorities, the Muslims of the Northwest China shall hand the praying mats and copies of their Holy Book themselves, otherwise, they shall be subjected to severe punishments.[irp]

This very campaign against Muslims has been initiated in Uyghur. Dilxat Raxit who is a spokesman for the human rights group also authenticated the news. He said that Muslims of Uyghur had been asked to hand down items that are used in practicing their religions such as copies of Quran and the praying mats.

WeChat, which is a social media network, was also used for notifying Muslims to hand down their religious items. Authorities used WeChat to tell people belonging to Islamic religion to voluntarily hand down their religious items otherwise harsh punishments wait for them.

This is not the first movement against Muslims in China, since last 5 years, the Chinese government has been targeting Muslims and stopping them from practicing their religion. According to the authorities, the Holy Quran has inappropriate content. They called that the content is extremist in nature and thereby they cannot allow Muslims from reading it and following it.

The authorities have claimed that Muslims own religious items which are illegal. So now the Muslims are being threatened to voluntarily submit their religious items to the authorities otherwise searches will begin and anyone found equipped with such items will be considered a criminal and would thereby face harsh and severe punishments.

Omer Kanat, who is the Uyghur Human Rights Project Director, is of view that these government regulations targeting religion just depicts that Xi Jinping was able to hold administration that is founded on pure division. He says that Xi is demanding loyalty from Chinese, he has not been able to earn loyalty from his people so he demands it.

He has a vision of holding Alliances with states that shall not be questioned, yet these minorities and faithful people are what he sees as a challenge. This is a true Human rights violation upon which the world is silent. Practicing a religion is not a crime. No one can ask others not to follow their religion.

It is a personal choice and people shall have the freedom to practice religion. By taking charge of their Holy Quran and praying mats, the Chinese authorities want to end up Islam there. Without praying mats, they would face difficulties in holding daily 5 times prayer and without Holy Quran, they would not be able to acquire knowledge of Islam.

Source: Arab News

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