Masturbation for men is a Human Need – Saudi Psychologist

On a TV program, a Saudi psychologist Dr. Tariq Al Habib made a controversial statement while discussing the taboo topic of masturbation.

He said, “I see masturbation as a basic human need, it’s just like the need to defecate or the need to eat and drink.

4142 Hand Practice for men is a Human Need – Saudi Psychologist 01

He called upon Islamic scholars to reconsider the matter by saying that when a person turns towards Hand Practice in an effort to stop himself from committing adultery (which is a grave sin) then it should not be considered haram as the person is in urgent need of it.

These comments shocked the host of the show who did not want to elongate the matter further and responded with: “Allow me to say that what you just said goes beyond being a controversial opinion, it’s just shocking.”

4142 Hand Practice for men is a Human Need – Saudi Psychologist 02

This is not the first time, Dr. Tariq Al-Habib is accused of public issues. A few months ago, he was accused when he passed a statement that men should use women for pleasure only and women should use men to produce children. 

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