HAIA official suspended for attacking a lady in the Public

There are always two sides of a story, the one which we see and the other we hear about. Nowadays, we see one side in a video captured and made viral on the internet. Viral videos, captured on mobiles, hidden cams or CCTV footages getting public. It has both aspects, the good one, and the bad one.

In one of the videos that recently went viral, it was seen that a member of this committee was publically assaulting a woman. He saw a woman sitting outside the retail shop and asked her to go inside but she refused and said that he does not have any proper right to force her to leave the place.

Another video related to this incident came forward in which it was seen that the victim lady was screaming because the man was attacking her and he forcibly took away her cell phone. After the incident, the brother of that lady reported to the news channel about the incident and said that her sister is badly injured and hospitalized after the incident.

He explained that his sister was sitting outside the retail shop where she works, the member of the religious police spotted her and asked her to leave the place to which she replied she couldn’t leave the place until her supervisor calls her.

This seems to anger the man who later dragged her outside the store and continued beating her. Her friend made the video of this incident. He further said he rushed to the place when his sister called him and on reaching there he saw another member of the religious police was reporting the incident.

Everybody was shocked and confused hearing this incident including the brother of the woman, there were many questions that arose in his mind and he wanted the answer to these question that How did they do this when new laws regarding the authority of religious police members state that they cannot enforce rules on people the way they did before?

How did they enter a female-only store and how can they beat any lady so violently? The brother heatedly said that we all respect the religious police; their duty was to advise my sister or let her go instead of beating her publicly.

Riyadh HAIA spokesman Mohammad Al-Sibr said the commission has suspended the two staffers and opened an investigation into the incident. He added no judgment will be issued until the commission hears what happened from both sides.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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