Green Planet Dubai Tickets and other Adventure Activities

It is a city of skyscrapers, beaches, deserts, and ports where big business takes place along with sun-seeking tourists spend their time here. Dubai is one of the most futuristic cities in the United Arab Emirates. The city’s geographical landscape makes it the best place to conduct various thrilling sports. A myriad of adventure activities exists in Dubai that you access.

Dubai has many fun and adventurous activities you can enjoy with your friends and family. One of the major tourist attractions is the Green Planet which is built as an indoor tropical rainforest for people to enjoy rain in the middle east and get close to some beautiful animals. If you are more adventurous you can also try Flyboarding and skydiving which are not for the faint of the heart and enjoy the adrenaline rush experiencing these fun rides. You can also go on a desert safari and experience the hot desert and witness traditional belly dance and enjoy middle eastern cuisine.

The Green Planet

It is a tropical rainforest within a bio-dome sheltering, reptiles, colorful birds, and sloths. The green planet Dubai ticket also gives you access to the cafe to watch the creatures and enjoy the rainforest. A green planet is a unique place that helps explore and interact in this new world of the indoor rainforest.

Guests can snorkel with the Piranhas and take a tour of the tropical biodome. The experience of feeding over a thousand red-bellied Piranhas leads to a feeding frenzy, but don’t worry, the Piranhas are scavengers, and the participants’ safety is not jeopardized. Tourists can also encounter thunderstorms here, despite the fact that getting caught in Dubai rain is rare, one can experience a daily rainstorm and the depths of the tropics here. During the night, one might be able to see nocturnal animals.


Flyboarding is the next adventure activity on the list, which is usually done on JBR beach. It’s a floating board that allows you to soar, leap, and perform numerous stunts over the water. A sixty-foot hose is linked to the center of the board, with water rushing into it, along with the board. The jet’s force allows a person to be lifted over the sea and into the air at a height of around 10 meters with this setting. The instructor will be in charge of the jetpack’s throttle, so all you have to worry about is staying upright above the water. This is surely a one-of-a-kind experience.

Helicopter Ride

Get the entire view of this scenic city through the helicopter tour. If you are a fan of James Bond or any action movie this place with a helicopter is a dream come true. It is not just an adventure in itself but it is one of the best ways to admire the panoramic view of the city and its architectural glory.  One can get a view of the man-made island from above, the skyscrapers, water bodies, and on the other contract the desert. Tourists will be flying for approximately 45 to 60 minutes above the city.

Desert Safari

One of the most thrilling experiences is when the car hits those dunes, it is one hell of a ride with a car that has potential, torque, and power to give an adrenaline rush. The monstrous 4×4 hitting the dunes is where the actual adventure begins. Tourists can do sandboarding on these dunes, similar to snowboarding or skiing just that it is don’t on desert dunes. It is a thrilling experience to slide and glide through the dunes.


With one of the most breathtaking free falls and a parachute ride at 120 miles an hour, you will not be disappointed by choosing this activity. For first-timers, there will be an instructor for the dive along with you. After the free fall when the parachute opens up all goes in slow motion and a person can see the most gorgeous skyline of the city. A person shooting from approximately 13,000 feet from the sky will have a matchless experience every second of the fall. People trying skydiving in Dubai will have a panoramic view of Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, and other attractions.

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