“Goodbye Saudi Arabia” – An expat story after leaving KSA

An expat recently wrote his story about his life in Saudi Arabia and posted it online which touched many people emotionally.

My father received a termination letter

It was the worst day of my life when my father received a letter from his company. We sat down after reading it as we felt too heavy. The weight of all his work committed to one organization dissolving in words thanking him for his year’s long efforts and saying that he was not needed anymore.

We got 60 days to leave the country

My father came to Saudi Arabia 25 years ago and after spending these years devoting his life to the Kingdom, he is packing up and leaving his place.

I came to know that soon we will have to leave this home. I spent these days driving in my car and in deep conversation with my friends trying to soak the past as much as I could before leaving the Kingdom.

I was hoping that my visa will be canceled

I was waiting to hear some pleasant news like the visa is canceled so that we could stay here forever. Finally, the day came when my tickets were booked and all my luggage and essential items were packed in suitcases and cartons.

I was trying to attach my tiniest memories through these useless objects and left for the airport.

I left everything in KSA

This was the country where I grew up, discovered myself, and I don’t think I will truly say goodbye to this country, this place that is home to my secrets and memories.

My old school days, my teachers, my friends the home where we lived. I was leaving everything in the Kingdom. Thinking at the point that I am no longer a resident of the Kingdom was not easy. 

The most painful was to bid farewell to this land and to the home where I enjoyed and spent some beautiful moments of my life.

It was a country where my father came to work with nothing in his pocket. He worked day and night like a mad dog and no one will ever know the true magnitude of his work.

We enjoyed ourselves a lot in the Kingdom, living with different families, studying here, shared a lot of memories with other families.

We went for Barbecue parties and picnics and religious pilgrimages. We grew up here in the Kingdom with several comforts and the most important thing is we got enough time to spend with our parents.

Would I ever come back to KSA?

I have never seen my parents too depressed ever before. However, we were back in our country and this was the point when I decided not to make the same mistake as my father did, I will never stay in this place for a long time without having an opportunity to be its citizen.

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