Goodbye, dear Abdul Majeed! I will never forget you

Abdul Majeed came from India to provide a better livelihood to his family. He came here under the sponsorship of a Saudi who lived Makkah. He worked for him for two years yet there arose some issues between the two and Abdul Majeed wanted to get a new sponsor.

Luckily, one of his friends who belonged to Bangladesh decided to leave the Kingdom and reunite with his family. His friend’s sponsor was a good man and thereby he referred Abdul Majeed to him. Abdul Majeed met this man in Jeddah.

The man found him suitable to work as a domestic driver. So he asked him to get permission from his current sponsor to transfer the sponsorship. Also as he was not sure if the expat was really suitable for permanent hiring, he told Majeed that he would hire him for a specific time period and then decide for permanent hiring.

Majeed agreed to it and went to his current sponsor to fetch his residency permit and the written application for transfer of sponsorship. Majeed was soon back to work with his new sponsor.

His sponsor did not give forth a letter of consent, however, when then new sponsor contacted him repeatedly, the letter was sent. The letter was given to the relevant authorities to complete the process.

The Passport Department, however, asked for a Majeed’s passport to process the transfer of sponsorship. Majeed again traveled to Makkah to fetch his passport as it was with his ex-sponsor.

Unexpectedly, the weird person did not give Majeed his passport. Not only this, went to the passport office claiming that Majeed has run away (huroob).  Well, this is something really weird. Why cause trouble to a poor man?

If Majeed had run away from him, why did he put forth a written sponsorship transfer letter? Sometimes, people do things that are beyond imagination. Why do people cause trouble to others?

Well, Majeed had to face trouble because his passport was sent back to Mumbai as per rules and regulations. His Iqama had expired and he ended up in the Deportation Centre. His new sponsor went there on his call and helped him out.

Majeed traveled back to India and returned with his visa. Majeed served his new sponsor for 20 years.  Initially, Majeed did not know how to drive, yet he was admitted to a driving institute by his sponsor to learn driving.

After successfully learning the very art, he took the responsibility of providing pick and drop services to the kids. He was indeed a patient driver, says his sponsor.

When Majeed was hired, kids were in school and when Majeed retired, the grown-ups had graduated college and Universities. The family was attached to the humble man and did not want him to go. Yet Majeed had to go back to his family.

The farewell was not an easy one for the family. To honor Majeed, the sponsor and his son canceled their office and University call respectively to drop him off at the Airport and pay the final goodbye. We salute people like Majeed who serve us humbly!

Source: Saudi Gazette

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