Police catches a girl disguised as a man to live with her boyfriend

In accordance with the sources of HAIA, the members of the religious police stopped two suspicious-looking men, when they were seen casually walking around at the time of prayer.

When noticing some of the facial features of one of the young men, the member of HAIA suspected something was wrong. Upon further questioning the two young men it was discovered that it was not 2 young men they were talking to but were 1 boy and 1 girl.

It seemed that the girl had donned the disguise of a man since the couple could roam around in public without attracting any attention. The story was reported by Akhbaar24.

The members of HAIA proceeded to discover that the girl who was dressing as a man had in fact been reported missing by members of her family, around 1 year ago. The HAIA members then took custody of the young girl and took her to a women’s house located in Madina.

The young man was taken to the nearest police station where he would face further investigation. It is advisable not to indulge in any immoral or illegal activities while living in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Riyadh Connect

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