Getting Married in Saudi Arabia (Wakeel does not have Iqama)

Getting married in Saudi Arabia is very easy if bride’s Kafeel lives in Saudi Arabia and has a valid iqama. The situation can be very difficult in the absence of this. We have described in detail the process of getting married in Saudi Arabia if bride’s wakeel has Iqama in this article.

I cannot get an appropriate definition of Wakeel in English so I am writing it Wakeel. The most appropriate word can be Guardian. Father, Brother, Brother of Father and Brother of Mother can be Wali or Wakeel of a girl.

Documents Required from Home Country: Here, we are discussing a case when a girl is living in Saudi Arabia, has valid iqama and wants to get married to someone who also has Iqama.

But the father of girl does not live in Saudi Arabia. Here it should be kept in mind that mere presence of a father in Hajj or Umrah does not authorize him to be a wakeel of girl. In Saudi Arabia, a girl cannot get married without her wakeel.  

Document Process in Home Country: The special court dealing with only marriage and divorces ask from the bride to bring a valid approval from her wakeel authorizing her to get married in Saudi Arabia. For this purpose, approval document must go through this process.

01-First, wakeel must go to a court and write a letter directed to the special court that he allows her sister or daughter to get married in Saudi Arabia. It is better to higher some lawyer for writing this letter.

02-This letter is duly approved and signed by the court in your country.

03-After this, you will have to get this letter to the foreign office of your country. They will attest it.

04-After this, you will have to take this letter to the Saudi Cultural Office in your country. They will also stamp it. (Requirement of Saudi Cultural Office is only for some countries)

05-After this, you will have to take this letter to the Saudi Embassy in your country. They will also stamp it.

06-Now ask your wakeel in your country to send this letter to you by hand or by courier. Now you must have realized how important this letter is. So, don’t ask them to send it through registered post. If this letter gets lost, you will have to go through the same process again.

Document Process in Saudi Arabia: When you have received the letter, you need to go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get it attested.

01-It is important that you go to the nearest ministry office. Let’s say, if your iqama is an area nearer to Riyadh and you go to Jeddah office, they will not honor you.

02-After attestation of the ministry of foreign affairs, the story does not end. You will have to go to the ministry of interior for the attestation of the letter.

03-If you are thinking the story has ended here, you are wrong. You will have to go to the ministry of law for the final attestation. I don’t think after all these attestations; there will be any empty space on your document.

Following People Must be Present in Special Court: If you and your wife are of the same nationality, you don’t really need to do anything for this.

You just need to go to the special court dealing only with marriages and divorces along with the attested letter from the wakeel of girl.

If you are from different nationalities, you need to check from your embassy in Saudi Arabia. Normally, there are no requirements of countries. You need to go to the special court along with the groom, the bride, and 2 witnesses.

It should be kept in mind that all of them should have the real valid residence permits (Iqama) with them. If one of you is Egypt national, you need to bring your passport as well. It is better to take copies of all the required documents. A letter from Wakeel attested by the;

01-The court in Home Country

02-Foreign Office of Home Country

03-Saudi Culture Office of Home Country

04-Saudi Embassy of Home Country

05-Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia

06-Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia

07-Ministry of Law

Procedures in the Special Court: Groom will go to the first window and fill an application in Arabic. You can ask for the help of some other person if you are a handicap in Arabic. In this application, he will have to write the name of the bride, his own name, the name of the groom and residence permit numbers of all of them.  

01-This application along with the residence permits of all above five members will be given to the guy in the first window. He will register you and ask about the Mahar.

02-Groom will let them know about the agreed Mahar and your application will be electronically processed.

03-After this, you will be required to go to a secretary of Qazi. Secretary again, will check the accuracy of the electronically filed application and make sure that all the written names are as per residence permits.

He will also make sure that above mentioned four persons and a letter from wakeel duly authorized are physically present in the hall. After that, he will ask you to wait for your turn in waiting area.

04-Groom’s name will be called after some time from the Qazi’s office so you need to be active that time. All four persons will enter into the room and Qazi will ask about all the persons individually.

05-He will ask groom and then bride about the marriage acceptance. He will also ask from wife if she has received the Mahar from the husband.

06-Here it is very important to know that bride must say that she has received the Mahar. Otherwise, he will ask the groom to pay the Mahar first and then come for the marriage.

07-If everything goes fine, you will be congratulated by the Qazi. You will be given 3 copies of the marriage certificate duly stamped by them and an original marriage certificate.

08-These copies are very important since you will have to present them on numerous occasions to the authorities. We have discussed it in some other article. Enjoy your marriage!!!

09-You CAN get married now even if you are a dependent!  If the husband is under his Father's sponsorship then his wife cannot be transferred but the Marriage can take place and is valid. You can go to the special court (MOJ) for more information.

Mahar is the money or any other item including gold and jewels given by the groom to the bride as a gift. This money is the property of wife and wife has full discretion to spend it in any way as she wants. It is better to negotiate about the Mahar first.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.