How to cancel/refund Saudi Airlines ticket?

You can cancel and get a refund of a Saudi Airlines ticket online following the process explained below if some conditions are fulfilled.


You can get a refund of a Saudi Airlines ticket online only if;

  • The ticket is booked through the Saudi Airlines website.
  • The ticket is from a refundable class.
  • The boarding pass is not issued.
  • The date of travel is not yet passed.


You need the following to cancel/refun d a Saudi Airlines ticket;

  • 13 digits E-Ticket Number starting with 065.
  • The last name of the passenger.
  • Access to the mobile number registered while booking the ticket.

Refund Charges

Saudi Airlines refund charges depend upon factors such as ticket class, domestic or international travel, and the destination. Therefore, it is better to look at the updated refund charges.

  • Change a basic ticket to Pakistan/India: SR 200.
  • Refund a basic ticket to Pakistan/India: SR 200.

Saudi Airlines Ticket Refund Charges

Refund the Ticket online

To cancel the Saudi Airlines ticket and claim a refund,

  • Open:
  • Enter E-Ticket Number.
  • Enter the Last Name of the Passenger.
  • Click on the “New Request“.
  • Enter the verification code received on mobile.
  • Click on the “Agree” button.
  • Refund Reason: Voluntary
  • On the next page, you will find all the booked tickets; click on the “Next” button to cancel them.

Cancel and Refund Saudi Airlines Ticket

That’s it; you have successfully submitted your claim for the ticket refund.

Refund the Ticket with Helpline

You can also call the Saudi Airlines helpline and request them to cancel your ticket and process the refund. To do that;

  • Call the Saudi Airlines Helpline: 920022222.
  • Select “9” for the English language.
  • Choose “2” for Non-AlFursan Members.
  • Press “1” for  Post Sale International Tickets.
  • Enter the 12-digit booking reservation number.
  • Enter the Booking Security code that was sent to your mobile device at the time of booking.
  • Select “2” to edit your booking.
  • Choose “6” to call an agent.

Explain the objective to the agent, and he will cancel your ticket and initiate the refund process.

Refund the Ticket with WhatsApp

You can also request the cancellation of your Saudi Airlines ticket using their WhatsApp number. To do that;

  • Save the Saudi Airlines Number in your contacts: 920022222.
  • Send them a WhatsApp message.
  • Press “1” any digit to continue in English.
  • Send “1” for reservation and ticket.
  • Write “6” for a refund.
  • Enter other details and initiate the refund process.

Check the status of the refund.

After submitting the request, you can check the status of the Saudi Airlines ticket refund;

  • Open:
  • Enter the E-Ticket Number.
  • Enter the Last Name of the Passenger.
  • Click on the “Check Status“.
  • There is no refund request for this ticket: Your refund is not yet submitted.
  • The ticket has been refunded: Your refund request is submitted.

Check the status of the refund

As soon as you submit the form, you will receive an SMS from Saudi Airlines mentioning the refund amount for the ticket.

It might take around seven days to get the refund to your credit or debit card.

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