Procedure to Renew Iqama for Dependents after 18 Years

Some years ago, there was no problem in renewing the Iqama of dependents above 18 years but now it has become a big issue. According to Law, you cannot keep your dependent above 18 years under your sponsorship. He can only have separate independent Iqama if he is working somewhere else. Most expatriates living in Saudi Arabia don’t want their children to work at the age of 18, they want them to study and get a higher education. How to solve this issue? It is a unique problem and solution is also unique.

Procedure to Get Iqama of Dependents after 18 Years

Let us say that your son is studying in your home country or in some university or college in Saudi Arabia. First of all, you will have to get a certificate from his college/university that he is a student in that particular college. The certificate should include all the details of his course, tuition hours and expected year of completion of this course. This certificate needs to be signed by the Head of Institution with his stamp or seal.

This certificate needs to be attested by the relevant college/university board like Higher Education Commission, Foreign Office and Saudi Embassy in your country. After bringing the certificate here, you will have to translate it from one approved translator and then get it attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Saudi Arabia. If you need further help, check out this link “Procedure to Attest Certificates from Saudi Arabia

Once you are done with this, give the original copy along with translated copy to your Kafeel or Government Relations Officer of your Company. He will submit it to the Jawazat. Once all the documents are submitted, it will not take long to renew the Iqama.

These documents are required every year when your dependents have to renew the Iqama.

Iqama of a dependent over the age of 18 years can only be renewed up to 25 years of age. If he is above 25 and his status is still a student, it is going to be a problem for you. (Arab News) In that case, he will have to search for a job and transfer his sponsorship to his employer. The detailed procedure in this regard is explained in this link “Transfer of Dependent’s Sponsorship to Employer”.

If a girl exceeds 25 years of age or has completed her education but she is unmarried, you can hold her under your sponsorship. You just need to write a certificate on a simple paper in Arabic that your daughter is still unmarried, so please allow her to be under your sponsorship. In order to renew Iqama of your dependent who is above 18 years, you will have to do “Fasil” of Iqama. The detailed procedure to do Fasil has been explained below.

However, it is very important that fingerprints of your dependent are in the database of MOI. You can check if the fingerprints have been scanned by your dependent through this link.

AmeenH: I went last week to Jawazat office in Riyadh to do the Fasil of Iqama for my daughter. I didn’t know about it until my HR people informed me to pay SR500/- and do the Fasil at Jawazat for my Iqama to get renewed. Anyway, I went there around 01:30 pm along with the application form (I got this form from my office with the company stamp on it). Don’t forget to take One passport size Photo that needs to be attached on the top left corner of the application, Original passport for father and child, Original Iqama for both Father and child and photocopies of the passports and Iqamas. The procedure was quite simple. I entered through the security gate at Jawazat office Riyadh with the papers in my hand. I asked the security person for Fasil of iqama, he said to go to the hallway on my left side. Here I obtained a ticket from the electronic booth (I pressed “Tajdeed Iqama written in Arabic on the screen for this request). Few people were there. I waited few minutes and found that nobody was following the numbering system so I went directly there and after a couple of people I gave my papers to the person in-charge standing behind the counter. He took those docs from my hand without asking any questions and typed few things in the computer for less than a minute and told me it’s done. That’s it!!

When I asked where and how to submit the payment, HR person told me to login to your SAMBA bank account and use the alien service where you pay the fee for exit re-entry visa under your Iqama number. You have to select multiple exit re-entry visa duration for (90 days) or three months. When you select this option, automatically SR500 will appear on the next screen for you to proceed with the payment. There is no other option available yet for Fasil payment in the bank system so they advised me to deposit money through this way. [Mistakenly, I paid this money under my daughter’s Iqama and it was a wrong place to deposit the money. Now I need to get this refund from the bank].  Also, no deposit of SR500/- is required by Jawazat to do this change. The money is required by your company to renew Iqama. My company has started to charge this amount from all employees who fall under this category meaning anyone having children above 18 years old they need to be separated from parent’s Iqama. One important thing I want to add here is that my family had a valid exit re-entry visa when I got renewed my Iqamas and visa validity was still the same as it was before renewal so you don’t have to cancel your family exit re-entry visas but all members need to be present in the Kingdom during the renewal process.

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