How to get an appointment at Etimad?

In order to stamp a family visit visa, permanent family visa or Umrah visa on your passport, you need to get a biometric appointment at Etimad. In this article, we have explained the step by step process.

Get an appointment at Etimad

Open the website and click on “schedule an appointment” > “Make an Appointment”. You need to select the purpose of travel according to the visa category.

Purpose of Travel

  • Family Visit Visa: Family Visit
  • Permanent Family Visa: Resident
  • Umrah Visa: Umrah

VFS Tasheel lounge vs normal

In the next step, select the date and timing of your etimad biometric appointment. You should select the “Normal” as it charges you less amount. 

Etimad Office

  • If your family visit visa is issued for Islamabad, you can go to Etimad Lahore, Peshawar and Islamabad.
  • If your family visit visa is issued for Karachi, you can go to Etimad Quetta and Karachi.

Etimad Biometric Appointment applicationAs soon as you will press the “Book” button, it will lead you to a page of “Terms and Conditions” which you need to accept.

In the next step, you need to select the following;

  • Appointment Category: Individual or Family. Select the individual option if it is only one applicant.
  • The number of Applicants.
  • Dates in red means these dates are not available for the biometric appointment.
  • Select a time from the left-hand menu. 

Etimad Biometric Appointment application

In the next step to get an etimad biometric appointment, you will be entering all the mandatory required information. In the first step, enter the passport details of the applicant.

After entering the passport details, go to the next page and enter “Other Details”.

  • Number of Entries: It should be matching with the visa issued.
  • Saudi Mission: The name of the city written on the visa itself.

sample family visit visa application

In the next step, enter the sponsor details such as;

  • Sponsor ID: Iqama Number.
  • Invitation/PreApproval Number: Visa Number.

Etimad Biometric Appointment application

sample family visit visa application

Finally, you need to enter the address details of the applicants and submit the application to book an appointment for Etimad.

Check Etimad Appointment Status

Once the application is submitted, the screen might take you to the Home Page without going through the confirmation page. Don't worry, you can check Etimad appointment status very easily.

Click again on “Schedule an Appointment” and then click on “Generate Appointment Letter” option from the drop-down option.

912 Procedure to Schedule an Appointment with Etimad Centers in Pakistan 05

ُEnter the passport number and the date of birth of one of the applicants if you have booked a family appointment. The system will show you the Etimad appointment you have just booked. 

Check etimad appointment status

Etimad Appointment Letter

As you can see, there is a button at the right bottom to print the Etimad Appointment Letter. Once the button is clicked, the appointment letter will be downloaded but you would not be able to open it as it is password protected.

Keep in mind that the password of the Etimad Appointment Letter is the passport number of the main applicant. Make sure you enter the passport number without CAPS LOCK turned on.

Etimad Appointment Letter

Cancel an Etimad Biometric Appointment

In case you have filled some wrong information, you can easily cancel it online and submit a new application later.

Click again on “Schedule an Appointment” and then click on the “Cancel an Appointment” option from the drop-down option.

A new page will open where you will be required to enter the Application Reference Number and Date of Birth of the applicant. The application Reference number can be seen from the Etimad Appointment Letter.

cancel Etimad Appointment

Required Documents

We have already explained in detailed the process and the required documents required at Etimad Center to process the visa in Pakistan. You can have a look at these articles for further details.

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