German couple selected Makkah to spend their Honeymoon – How lucky!

After marriage, the first thing that comes to every couple mind is where to go for their honeymoon trip? This has become the trend of our society. Couples have already decided about their new life celebration and everybody have become such open-minded that they love to share their honeymoon trip pictures on social media sites to get comments and admirations from others.[irp]

Recently a newlywed German couple pictures were seen who selected to visit Saudi Arabian city Makkah for their honeymoon. This couple belongs to Bremen in Northern Germany. 25 years old Lucas Roatfox and his wife wished to celebrate their new relationship in the holy city of Makkah.  

They together decided to go on a spiritual trip to the Holy city of Makkah. They visited the city with joy and happiness.  Makkah’s special tourist guide Abdullah Bin Mohammad helped and guided this couple to visit the holy city.

They visited many holy sites. In their one picture, they are seen pondering over the holy cover of Holy Kaaba with the worker. Many people welcomed them with warm-hearted comments. People loved and appreciated their decision of visiting Makkah.

All they say was Masha Allah and gave them best wishes for their new life. They were congratulated by many people, as it was their great idea for a honeymoon. But where ever we see positive attitude of people we do have to bear negative reaction and comments from people.

Many people on seeing their images in Makkah city and when they came to know that this couple was on their honeymoon trip gave them some tips on where to go for honeymoon. Many were displeased by their thought of visiting Makkah for their honeymoon trip.

But according to me, this is a very good idea. Mostly Muslims who live in other parts of the world should decide to go to Makkah with their partner for honeymoon trip as this is the best place to visit.

Source: Al Madina

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