How to get Georgia visa for Saudi/GCC residents?

GCC residents and Iqama holders living in Saudi Arabia (including Indians & Pakistanis) do not need a visa to travel to Georgia if they meet 8 conditions. 

Do I need a visa for Georgia?

You can enter your details in the link to check if you need a visa to Georgia. We have entered information of a Pakistani iqama holder living in Saudi Arabia in the link and the system has shown us that they are exempt from a Georgia visa.

Moreover, if you have a valid visa for any of these countries which includes the USA, UK, and Schengen visa, you can get visa-free entry to Georgia.

georgia visa for Pakistani iqama holders living in Saudi Arabia

Requirements to get Georgia visa-free entry

It is important to remember that visa-free entry to Georgia is only available if a Saudi Iqama holder or GCC resident meets all of the below-mentioned requirements. Many people have been deported so far from Tiblisi airport for not meeting the requirements.

  1. Passport with a minimum validity of 180 days.
  2. Saudi Iqama or GCC residence card with 3 months validity.
  3. Copy of the Iqama along with its attested translation by any translator in Saudi Arabia.
  4. A confirmed return ticket.
  5. Hotel Booking for the entire stay in Georgia. 
  6. Print of an exit reentry visa.
  7. Enough cash/credit card to bear the expenses of your stay in Georgia.
  8. Travel Insurance. It is not difficult to get it as you can request your health insurance company to get one for you free of charge.

Cash in Hand or Credit Card

Make sure you convert Saudi Riyals to USD before you leave Saudi Arabia for Georgia due to 2 reasons. The SAR to USD rate is fixed at 0.27 USD so you will not be charged for conversion. The USD is exchanged at a very good rate with Georgian Lari.

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FAQs about Georgia Visa

How much is the Georgia visa fee?

There is no fee for visa-free entry for GCC residents and Saudi Iqama holders.

Do Pakistani and Indians need a visa for Georgia?

Indians and Pakistani Iqama holders living in Saudi Arabia or any other GCC country with a valid iqama do not need a visa to Georgia. 

Can my wife living in Saudi Arabia on a family visit visa get a Georgia visa?

Unfortunately, only iqama holders of Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries can get visa-free entry to Georgia. In your case, your wife should apply for a Georgia visa.

Can I get visa-free entry to Georgian if I am under my father’s sponsorship?

If your father is accompanying you, you and the whole family can get visa-free entry to Georgia. Otherwise, you will have to apply for a visa.

What is the best time to visit Tbilisi, Georgia?

The temperature of Georgia goes below the freezing point during winter. Therefore, the best time to visit Tiblisi is during summer between May to September.

Can we find Halal food in Georgia?

The population of Georgia is around 3.7 million out of which 10% are Muslims and 84% are Christians. Therefore, it is not very difficult to find Halal restaurants in the major cities of Georgia.

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