Expat fee causes 1.05 million expats to leave KSA

According to GAStat Report, as many as 1.05 million expats have left Saudi Arabia since the expat fee has been levied in 2018.

Expat fee

Expat fee levied in 2018 has been a major cause of expat turnover rate in the Saudi employment market. The expat fee was SR400 per employee per month which has been raised to SR600 in 2019 and is SR800 since 2020.

Expats in 2017

As per the statistics based on official government reports, the number of expats in the Saudi Employment market had been 10.42 million by the end of the year 2017.

Expats in 2021

The statistics show that 10% of the total foreign workers have already left the country. The total number of expats left in the country, as per the end of the third-quarter report of 2021 is 9.36 million.

Increase in Saudi employment

However, on the other hand, an additional 179,000 Saudis have joined the labor market. Moreover, the GOSI registration for Saudi is increased by 7.73% in this tenure.

Source: GAStats Report

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