Saudia announces conditions for 30 countries to fly back to KSA

Saudi Airlines has issued guidelines and conditions for passengers to enter Saudi Arabia and to travel to the following 30 countries. 

  1. All airlines must distribute the disclaimer form to all passengers coming to Saudi Arabia.
  2. The form should be distributed to passengers in the airplane before arrival to the Kingdom.
  3. All passengers must submit the signed form to the airport Health Control Center upon arrival.

5 conditions for passengers to fly back to Saudi Arabia

1 – The passenger must not have any respiratory symptom or lever or any symptom of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

2 – The passenger must complete the 7 days quarantine period at home after arriving in Saudi Arabia (3 days for health practitioners with negative PCR).

3 – The passenger would be required to set his home location through Tataman application within 8 hours from arrival and would not be allowed to leave this location for the next 7 days unless seeking medical care.

4 – The passenger would be required to login to the Tataman application on a daily basis and do the self-health assessment.

5 – The passenger must agree that if he violates any of the conditions stated in the disclaimer form, the health authorities may penalize him/her with SR 500,000 and two years imprisonment.

List of Countries on which this circular is applicable

Saudia also announced the requirements for traveling to the following 30 countries. It is impliedly understood that the flight operations will start from these 30 countries initially.

  1. The United Arab Emirates.
  2. Kuwait.
  3. Oman.
  4. Bahrain.
  5. Egypt.
  6. Lebanon.
  7. Jordan.
  8. Morocco.
  9. Tunisia.
  10. China.
  11. The UK.
  12. Italy.
  13. Germany.
  14. France.
  15. Spain.
  16. Austria.
  17. Turkey.
  18. Greece.
  19. Pakistan.
  20. India.
  21. Bangladesh.
  22. The Philippines.
  23. Malaysia.
  24. South Africa.
  25. Sudan.
  26. Ethiopia.
  27. Kenya.
  28. Nigeria.
  29. Indonesia.
  30. Saudi Arabia.

Source: Saudi Airlines

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