FRiENDi Mobile Service Codes in Saudi Arabia

Here we are presenting the codes to check Friendi balance, data balance, SIM number, internet package, or offers. 

Friendi balance check code

In order to check the remaining balance of the Friendi mobile,

  • Dial the code *102#

Check Friendi Balance

Friendi internet package check code

In order to check the remaining data/MBs or the internet balance in your Friendi SIM,

  • Dial *108#.
  • Press “2” from the menu.

The system will show you the remaining internet or data balance.

Check Friendi Internet Data MBS balance

Friendi recharge code

The easiest way to load your balance is to dial the Friendi card recharge code and your balance will be immediately updated. 

  • Dial *101*Friendi-Voucher-No#
  • Example: *101*1234567890#

You can also dial the code *101#.

  • Press “1” to recharge using a card. 
  • Press “2” to recharge using a debit/credit card.

Recharge Friendi Card Code

Friendi Helpline

Friendi Helpline Number in KSA

Credit Transfer

In order to transfer the balance from one Friendi to Friendi;

  • Dial *103#.
  • Press “1” to confirm.
  • Enter the mobile number you want to transfer credit to.
  • Enter the Amount to transfer.
  • Enter the PIN Code.
  • Default PIN Code: 0000.
  • Dial *106# to change the PIN code.
  • Transfer charges: SR 0.50.

That’s it, you have successfully transferred credit from one Friendi number to another one.

Friendi to Friendi Balance Transfer

Friendi number check code

You can check your Friendi SIM number by dialing the code *110#. The system will show you the mobile number.

Check Friendi SIM Number

International Credit Transfer

To transfer your Friendi balance to Pakistan, India, or any other country,

  • Dial the code *114#.
  • Enter the mobile number with the country code.
  • Enter the Amount to transfer.
  • Press the “1” button to confirm.

Friendi International Credit Transfer

Call me back

In order to send a message to someone to call you back on Friendi, you can dial the code *104#.

  • Enter the Mobile Number.
  • The person will get a message to call you back.

Friendi Loan

If you are running short of credit, you can dial the code *107# and request an advance loan from Friendi.

  • Press “1” to request advance credit.

Internet Packages

In order to avail of an internet package offer, you should dial *100# with your Friendi mobile.

  • Press “3” to get internet packages.
  • Press “5” to get call + data packages.

Friendi Internet Packages.


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