French and Greek leaders are greedy – Turkish President

Turkish President Tayyib Erodgan lashes out on the leaders of France and Greece during his speech in Ankara. Tayyib Erdogan called them greedy and incompetent as they challenged the Turkish energy exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean. 

Ankara and Athens dispute

Turkey and Greece are disputing over a major offshore gas field and at this moment France played their role in supporting Greece. This has drawn into a serious crisis for NATO Military Alliance.

Erdogan accuses Greek and French leaders of incompetence

#Turkey’s President Erdogan lashes out at leaders of #France and #Greece, calling them “greedy and incompetent” for challenging Turkish energy exploration in the eastern Mediterranean.

Posted by Al Arabiya English on Monday, August 31, 2020

Erdogan questions to the newly-commissioned officer

During his speech, the Turkish leader questioned the newly-commissioned officers in Ankara. His questions were;

  • Will Greek accept what could happen to them due to their greedy and incompetent leaders?
  • Do the French know the price they will pay because of their greedy and incompetent leaders?

Cause of the crisis

The crisis between the NATO allies started on August 10. The cause of the crisis was the entry of Turkish research vessel Oruc Reis in Greek water. After this, both sides began to stage naval exercise.

France sent its Frigates and fighter jets to support Greece. They shadowed the Turkish vessel. Paris too jumped in the dispute and denounced escalating behavior on the part of Ankara. 

Erdogan said; we are ready to make a sacrifice

Erdogan further said that when the time to fight comes, we will not hesitate to make sacrifices. Moreover, he also challenged the two forces, when they stand against us in the Mediterranean, are they ready to make the same sacrifices?

Source: Al Arabiya

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