How to get free cancer treatment in Saudi Arabia?

I am a Pakistani national living in Riyadh. This is the story of my 3-years old daughter diagnosed with Leukemia (blood cancer) and now getting free treatment in a Saudi hospital.

Diagnosis of Cancer

In 2020 our lives went upside down when during a regular visit to Salman Habib Hospital in Riyadh, the doctor started suspecting something. Upon further investigation, she was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Since Salman Habib Hospital does not treat blood cancer patients, she was shifted to King Fahd Medical City in Riyadh. They accepted the insurance, the insurance accepted the hospital and the treatment started.

Insurance Limit Exceeded

Leukemia treatment is very expensive and within 6 months of the treatment, our insurance limit of SR 500,000 was consumed. We upgraded the insurance to get a higher limit that worked for the time being.

Insurance refused to cover my daughter

When the time for insurance renewal came, the insurance company told my employer that they would not insure my daughter as they have already spent millions on her treatment.

It was another setback for us as by no means we could afford to pay SR 100,000/month for her blood cancer treatment.

Getting free cancer treatment in KSA

At that time we were desperate, we were literally pleading with Allah ﷻ to do a miracle for us. We can afford neither the blood cancer treatment cost nor losing our daughter.

A doctor at the King Fahd Medical City recommended we contact a charitable organization Optimism Society Imprint for Pediatric Cancer.

We prepared our case along with the estimated cost of treatment and submitted it to their office. They approved our case and called us and the hospital that they will bear the expenses. 

How to get free cancer treatment in Saudi Arabia?

My daughter is recovering

Since then, my daughter is receiving free blood cancer or Leukemia treatment from a Saudi hospital. She is improving now by the grace of Allah.

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