How can foreigners get married in Saudi Arabia?

Two foreigners/expats can get married in Saudi Arabia if both of them have a valid Iqama. Here is the detailed process.

Who can get married in KSA?

Anyone with a valid visa and an Absher account can get married in Saudi Arabia which includes;

Fill out the Marriage Form

One of the expats has to create a marriage contract through the Ministry of Justice website to get married in Saudi Arabia;

foreigners getting married in saudi arabia

Saudi Arabia marriage requirements

One of the foreigners will fill out the form and fulfill the marriage requirements to get married in Saudi Arabia. With the information required, you can list diwn the marriage require;

1- Enter the husband and wife information.

2- Enter the data for the bride’s guardian.

3- Premedical Examination is not required for expats getting married in Saudi Arabia.

4- Enter the data for witnesses of the marriage contract.

5- Select the region where you want to get married.

6- Choose the password and submit the application.

7- The system will assign the application number.

After that, the marriage official will be assigned by the Ministry of Justice. 

Saudi Arabia marriage requirements

The formal Marriage

Both foreigners along with the following people must be present at the time and date of the marriage scheduled by the Ministry of Justice;

  • Groom.
  • Bride.
  • Bride’s Guardian.
  • 2 Witnesses.

You will be required to go to the secretary of Qazi. Secretary will check the accuracy of the electronically filed application and make sure that all the written names are as per residence permits.

He will also make sure that above mentioned five persons are physically present in the hall. After that, he will ask you to wait for your turn in the waiting area.

Groom’s name will be called after some time from the Qazi’s office so you need to be active at that time. All five persons will enter the room and Qazi will ask about all the persons individually.

He will ask the groom and the bride about marriage acceptance. He will also ask the father of the bride, whether he has received the Mahar.

Here it is very important to know that the bride’s father must say that he has received the Mahar. Otherwise, he will ask the groom to pay the Mahar first and then come for the marriage.

If everything goes fine, both the foreigners will be congratulated for getting married in Saudi Arabia by the Qazi.

The marriage contract

You will be given 3 copies of the marriage certificate duly stamped by them and an original marriage certificate.

These copies are very important since you will have to present them on numerous occasions to the authorities. 

Once you are done with this, you will have to go through the process of “Transfer of Wife’s Sponsorship to your Name“.

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