What does your fist talk about your personality?

Closing your hand and making a fist is one of the most natural actions which tells a lot about your personality. There are 3 ways we french our fist and this is what it reveals; 

Thumb over a finger

If you french your fist in such a manner that the thumb rests on only one finger fingers, it tells the following about your personality;

What does your fist tells about your personality?

  1. You are an imaginative and intuitive person.
  2. Your generosity and enthusiasm are well appreciated.
  3. You are a curious person who is always on the hunt for answers.
  4. You exhibit a great sense of humor and that is why people surround you.
  5. Your honesty is what makes you say what you really want.
  6. Your kindness, nobility, and confidence are what make you outstand.
  7. People try to take advantage of you, but you really don’t care. You have your own life which you want to carry along with you.
  8. You have trouble expressing yourself, even to your partner.

Thumb over the fingers

If you close your hands in such a manner that the thumb rests on the fingers, it tells the following about your personality;

  1. You have charisma in your personality that makes people feel comfortable with you.
  2. You have a friendly appeal.
  3. People are attracted to you because of your intelligence, kindness, generosity, and self-esteem.
  4. You have the ability to comprehend the situation and that is how you treat others. Your flexibility is what lets you have an edge over others.
  5. You have developed some fear such as fear of losing someone, which has stopped you from moving on. You get stuck in life as though you are paralyzed.
  6. You are a risk-averse kind of person who does not like to take risks.
  7. You love it when your loved one expresses their love for you.
  8. You are a kind of a person who holds back to a bitter and painful past.

All fingers over the thumb

If you french a fist where all your fingers cover the thumb, it tells the following about your personality;

  1. You exhibit a creative mind.
  2. You are an intelligent person.
  3. Your traits such as expressiveness, sensitivity, and calmness tend to inspire others.
  4. You are blessed to have a talent.
  5. You are not the one who would say bad to others as you care about the feelings of others.
  6. You are quite a social person, yet there are only a few whom you are really close with.
  7. You are not a “Drama” person nor do you like it. You want to have a very transparent relationship.
  8. You break up a relationship if you are not comfortable with it, yet you won’t give many explanations over it as you don’t want to hurt the feelings of your partner.

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