SR 200 fine on BBQ and public bonfire in Saudi Arabia

It has been made official that Saudi Arabia has placed a ban on a bonfire. Now, people cannot set fire in public places or gardens as it is highly dangerous to do so. Even though bonfire dinners have been much a hype in Saudi Arabia: they are extremely dangerous.

The Fine on BBQ and Bonfire

According to the Ministry of Municipal and rural affair, any person found guilty of practicing bonfire in the kingdom shall be fined with SR 100. This is for the first-time violation. On violating again, the fine will be increased to SR 200.

Multiple incidents have been since around the world where bonfire resulted in an extreme fire causing collateral and lively damages. Ultimately, these rules have been implemented for our safety and security so that the general public is not troubled with any unwelcoming event.

The ministry also said that these fines are against violating rules at the non-designated public sites. It has also been disclosed that there are certain norms for getting out in public places: from wearing modest clothes to acting morally to playing low music.

5456 SR 200 fine on BBQ and public bonfire in Saudi Arabia

The fine on Immodest clothing

Any person found guilty pf wearing immodest clothes, acting immorally and playing loud music would be fined. Fine ranges from SR50 to 300: depending on the type of violation.

A personal experience

Although the government has announced the amount of fine recently, the ban on the BBQ and bonfire was imposed a long time ago. I remember, we went to the beach for a BBQ party along with my friends in 2016 and while we were cooking food, the police came.

They forfeited the entire food as well as the BBQ equipment, took our Iqama and noted down the numbers and gave us a warning to not to repeat this offense as it is against the public safety.

Source: Gulf News

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