How to find VAT number in Saudi Arabia?

Now you can find the VAT number of any company in Saudi Arabia or verify a VAT invoice through the ZATCA website. 

  • VAT: Value Added Tax.

How to find the VAT number?

In order to issue a tax invoice to any business in KSA, you need its VAT number. In order to find it;

If all the details are correctly entered, the ZATCA website will find the VAT number for the business. You can use this number to issue the invoice to the company.

How to verify a VAT invoice?

According to the VAT Law, only a VAT registered person can issue a VAT invoice in Saudi Arabia. If a supplier is charging VAT on an invoice without registration, it is fraud.

Now you can verify a VAT invoice in Saudi Arabia through the ZATCA website. In order to do it;

The ZATCA system will show you the name of the business with the VAT number. If the business name of the invoice and the ZATCA website is the same, you can verify the VAT invoice to be genuine.

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