Finally, a Saudi doctor restored his sight after 51 failed surgeries in USA

Dani is an 8-year-old Dutch boy who lost his eyesight when he was only 2 years old. The loss of eyesight at such a small age is attributed to a genetic disease that Dani suffered from.

The disease that Dani inherited affected his retina and he lost his ability to see. His family especially his father was very concerned about it. He did not want his boy to have a dark future. He wanted Dani to see the colors of life.

He wanted his boy to feel the happenings and to get excited by the colors, to play with colorful toys and to have a normal life! He tried his best so much so that the 8-year-old Dani had undergone 51 surgeries.

But none of the surgeries gave Dani his sight back. The Dutch boy had been taken to four European countries and the United States for the surgeries, but it looked like no one had the cure.

There was neither improvement in Dani’s condition nor any hope left for the poor boy’s eyesight. Until his father was advised to take Dani to The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Even after 51 failed surgeries his father was hopeful for Dani and was ready to go to any extent for the sake of his child.  So, he took his son to the Kingdom with a hope that his son’s eyesight will be restored.

The boy was admitted at King Khalid Hospital. The initial treatment looked fruitless. The doctor in Riyadh when heard Dani’s father was losing hope, he told him to be patient as time would be required for restoring the child’s sight.

He underwent a surgery there which was surprisingly fruitful. Dani’s father couldn’t believe it until he saw his son chasing a ball and then kicking it. Now Dani is living his colorful life in Netherlands.

He can see and can continue the beautiful and colorful journey of life!  The expertise of Saudi doctor, miracle or Dani’s fate, yet it is awesome news to hear that Dani has regained his ability to see.

6 years of blindness, 51 surgeries: the boy and family had been going through a lot! We are thankful to the doctor who could perform a successful surgery: indeed, he has amazed the world!

We pray for Dani’s bright future! We also salute the brave and hopeful father who believed in Dani’s fate! If he had lost hope, Dani might be still living in the dark! Remain hopeful even in your darkest times, because a bright future is waiting for you!

Source: Al Arabiya

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