Filipino woman arrested for running a massage center

Was there a massage center in an apartment?

A Filipino has been arrested in Saudi Arabia for setting up a massage center in an apartment building.

In the massage center, women of different nationalities and localities had been taking different kinds of massages and medical treatments.

How did the police carry the operation?

The police were reported by a female citizen about the private massage center where massage for tightening of the uterus was also being performed as an alternative medical solution.

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The task force soon raided the place and found the complaint to be true. To assure that nothing is vague a health force member pretended to be the patient and visited the center.

Why was the Filipino arrested?

According to the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Regulations, medical practitioners are required to obtain certificates from the National Center in the fields of cupping, acupuncture, orthopedics, spine, and physical therapy.

Moreover, they shall have classification from the Saudi Commission for Specialties, and they have attained the required experience through specific years/time of training. The Filipino girl was doing this without any certification.

Source: Okaz

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