Filipino robs a bank in Riyadh with a toy gun

A man entered the bank wearing a mask and a cap and escaped after robbing SR 25,500 from the bank showing a toy gun to the staff.

The interior Minister released the video on the incident that showed a man entered the bank. His face was covered with a face mask.

He pointed something at the back of another man who was waiting at the bank counter. The pointed thing looked like a gun.

He took the money from the bank and harmed a customer with the toy gun. Moreover, he also threatened the employee and then flew with the amount.

The police were informed about the incident. Later the police investigated the robbery and also announced that they have arrested the robber.

Police Major Khalid Al Karidis also announced that the arrested man is a Filipino expat who is in his 30.

The culprit accepted his crime and it was also revealed that the gun used in the crime was a toy gun. Now he is referred to the public prosecution.

It is worth noting that bank robbery is not a common crime in Saudi Arabia due to better security conditions in the country.

Source: Gulf News

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