Filipino mother arrested for torturing ex-husband’s daughter

Recently, A video made rounds on social media where a woman can be seen physically abusing a child. In the video, a Filipino mother is torturing her daughter, who is from her ex-husband.

The Filipino mother got married to an Emirati man and got divorced later. She is married to another Emirati man now. The woman made this horrific video and posted it on social media to tease her ex-husband.

The woman’s ex-husband filed a complaint with the Abu Dhabi police after watching the video. The public prosecution was ordered to investigate the matter in the wake of criticism. The concerned authorities thereby started haunting the woman.

The woman has been arrested.

The latest reports claim that the woman has been arrested, and follow-up investigations are being carried out. She has violated child protection laws and shall be charged according to the kingdom’s child protection, protection from abuse, and information crime prevention systems.

The public prosecution has assured that the woman shall be charged according to her crime and that the children in KSA shall be entertained in the best and safe environment.

All the departments in charge shall be vigilant about children’s protection and ensure that all children enjoy a safe and healthy environment free of abuse.  

Three Viral Videos

Three available video clips of the abuse went viral on social media on Wednesday and are incredibly upsetting.

In one clip, the woman dragged the girl from her legs on the floor. She is heard saying, “You are an Arab, must use violence with you, go to the toilet.”

In another video, the helpless girl is standing without underwear and crying with bruises.

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