Filipino air crew arrested for smuggling onions

The aircrew of a flight from Riyadh destined for Manila has been arrested for smuggling 27 kg of onions🧅, 10kg of lemons🍋, and 1kg each of blueberries and strawberries🍓 .

The Philippine authorities will be charging 10 members of the cabin crew, all Filipinos with smuggling charges.

According to the Philippine customs officials, their suitcases were filled with these products and were caught at the Terminal 1 of Manila international airport.

Why did the cabin crew smuggle onions?

The philippine is going through an onion crisis, during a short time period, the onion price has hiked from $2 per kg to $11 per kg.

This is the worst kind of crisis where the price of chicken in the Philippines is half of that of Onion. Even meat is 25% cheaper than the current onion prices.

The typhoon of 2022 is the main reason for such a price hike. It has caused a shortage of agricultural products in the country.

Viral Video

The incident is seen in this video shared by the Bureau of Customs:

“Let’s destroy them so they won’t be able to use them,” one flight attendant was overheard as saying, according to the authorities.

“The other crew members started to stomp on the goods, sprayed disinfectant, and poked the goods with their chopsticks and pens also in public view,” the customs report stated.

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