How to file complaint to Ministry of Commerce?

Consumers in Saudi Arabia can register a complaint about defective products, bad service, or commercial fraud to the Ministry of Commerce.

Download the App

In order to file a consumer complaint to the Ministry of Commerce in Saudi Arabia download their application from Playstore or iTunes.

They used to offer many different ways to file a complaint but now a complaint can only be registered through their application.

File complaint to the Ministry of Commerce

You might have realized that the Ministry of Commerce application is not available in English, so you must file the complaint in Arabic. Here are the guidelines;

  • Open the application.
  • Click on the + button.
  • Select the type of violation (explained below).
  • Pin your address from the map.

ministry of commerce complaint

On the next page, you need to;

  • اسم المتجر: Select the store name from the given list.
  • نشاط المتجر ( اختياري ): Store activity (optional).
  • اسم المنتج: Product Name.
  • وصف المخالفة: Complaint Details.
  • إضافة مرفقات: Add attachments.
  • On the next page, enter your mobile number.

Complete the rest of the form to file a consumer complaint to the Ministry of Commerce in Saudi Arabia.

  • Expected time to resolve the complaint: 5 days.

ministry of commerce complaint

إضافة مرفقات: Add attachments.

It is important to note that your entire case depends upon the level of proof you attach to the complaint. If you do not attach enough documentation, there would be almost no action against your complaint.

Types of Violations

As most of the people reading this article do not understand Arabic, we have translated all the types of violations that you can select to file a complaint in the Ministry of Commerce.

ministry of commerce complaint

1- مخالفات الدفع الإلكتروني = Electronic payment violations.

2- مخالفات المتاجر الالكترونية = E-commerce violations.

3- الضمان والصيانة وقطع الغيار = Warranty, maintenance and spare parts.

4- مخالفات الاسترجاع والاستبدال = Exchange and Refund.

5- مخالفات محطات الوقود = Petrol Pump Violations.

6- اختلاف سعر الرف عن صندوق المحاسبة = Shelf and Actual price difference.

7- مخالفات الغش التجاري = Commercial fraud.

8- مخالفات البيانات التجارية = Trade Data Breach. 

9- مخالفات التخفيضات والمسابقات التجارية = Commercial discounts and competitions.

10- المنتجات المخالفة للآداب العامة = Products against public values.

11- مخالفات التموين = Supply Issues.

12- مخالفات المعادن الثمينة والاحجار الكريمة = Quality of precious metals and gemstones.

13- مخالفات التستر التجاري = Commercial cover-up offenses.

14- تقليد علامات تجارية = Trademark/copyrights violations.

In the event of failure to obtain the service electronically after a full working day, you can contact the Consumer Sector Center 1900 all days of the week.

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