8 best swimming pools for women in Riyadh

Due to its conservative culture, men and women cannot swim in the same swimming pool everywhere in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, we are presenting the list of the 10 best swimming pools for women in Riyadh.

Diplomatic Quarters Sports Club

The outdoor wave pool at Diplomatic Quarters Sports Club is a great choice as the club offers alternate days for men and women. The outdoor area has a beautiful lush setting and even includes kid’s pools and slides.

There is even a restaurant to order snacks and refreshments. however, a membership is required to use the facilities.

Diplomatic Quarters Sports Club Swimming Pool in Riyadh

Yibreen Spa

The Yibreen Spa outdoor pool has a tanning and lounging area and can be used by members free of cost. However, non-members can also use the facility by paying a fee. The spot is extremely secluded and has a café that serves fresh juices and snacks. 

Yibreen Spa Swimming Pool in Riyadh

Riyadh Golf Club

The garden pools at Riyadh Golf Club are set in a green oasis in the middle of the desert. There are plenty of facilities for the entire family like mini-golf, basketball, and a children’s pool. Membership is however required to use any facilities.

Riyadh Golf Club in Riyadh

Al Manahil Ladies Spa

The Al Manahil ladies’ spa located in the Diplomatic Quarter has a huge indoor pool that can be used by non-members for a small fee. Modest swimwear is only allowed to be worn. The place also gives swimming classes for adults and children.

Al Manahil Ladies Spa

Al Luthan Hotel and Spa

Al Luthan Hotel and Spa is a 4-star hotel providing a women-only indoor swimming pool and aqua fitness classes in Riyadh.

Al Luthan Hotel and Spa Swimming pool for women in Riyadh

Al Aghar Equestrian Club

Al Aghar Equestrian Club which is also located in the Diplomatic Quarters has a private pool that can be rented out by the hour. They have separate days for ladies & gents and Fridays are for families only.

Al Aghar Equestrian Club Swimming Pool

Dirab Golf and Country Club

Dirab Golf and Country Club which is located 44 km from Riyadh is a beautiful haven outside the noise and pollution of the city. They offer two outdoor pools and even horseback riding for ladies. 

Dirab Golf and Country Club Swimming Pool

Al Multaka Ladies Center

Al Multaka Ladies Center offers a beauty salon and spa along with a library, a few shops, a restaurant along with a huge indoor pool.

For private parties and family pool time, the area around exits 8 and 9 are lined with small private chalets which can be rented per day by groups or families. You can try Fantasy Land or the Yamama resort.

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