Female reporter was kissed during live reporting

Recently, social media was flooding with a video that triggered a debate on sexual harassment. The video shows a Lebanese reporter conducting a live session when a stranger from nowhere comes and kisses her. The reporter shies off and continues reporting.

She was going live on the TV

The video is of a Lebanese popular anchor Darine El Helwe while she was going live for the UAE-based Sky News Arabia from Riad Soloh Square.

Revolutionary Kiss

There was a protest going on and she was broadcasting it live when a male protestor kissed her on her cheek. Stuck by what had happened, she laughed off nervously for a few seconds and resumed reporting. The video is being shared on social media by social media users, activists and journalists: all having different views.

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For instance, Famous TV host Neshan, ought it to be funny and shared the video with the caption ‘revolutionist’s kiss’.

There is nothing funny in the video

However, many like Human rights activist Georges Azzi believed that there is nothing funny in the kiss. The kiss was without the consent of the woman and thereby it is nothing to be called as funny.

The protest is by the Lebanese who have been demanding an overhaul of the country’s elite as they are considered corrupt. The protest has been taking place since the 17th of October.

Unacceptable Kiss

El Helwi has raised her voice against this kiss and called this as “unacceptable”. She said she was going live when she felt the kiss, she did not see the man yet continued reporting.

She professionally conducted reporting even though she was shivering inside and kept eye contact with the camera. She now feels less angry as the kisser has publicly apologized on Facebook. However, this practice should be discouraged at all levels.

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