Expat beggar arrested with SR 132,000 in cash

Saudi authorities have arrested a foreign female beggar who was leaving the country with SR 132,000 in cash at the airport.

She kept with her large amount of money which made the officials suspicious. The police started off the investigations which revealed that she is a professional beggar and had collected a lump sum amount through begging.

The Woman belongs to Djibouti and has been arrested for violating the border security system. She had in her possession SR 132,000. The money has been handed over to the competent authorities.

The Saudi officials view that the beggars are making huge business during the month of Ramadan.

Moreover, there is an increase in the number of beggars during this Holy month. It is indeed a sad thing that they exploit this month as people tend to give more Sadaqah.

The video is now making rounds on social media where the woman is seen with a huge amount of money.

Saudi authorities have repeatedly warned people on donating money to unknown beggars as it could also be used for terrorism acts.

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