3 Unique Features of Newly Introduced Saudi Police Cars

Google took the world by storm when they announced their new smart car. This is a car which would drive itself and would allow all the passengers to relax on their way to their destination.

Saudi Arabia, however, has launched a new type of smart car, one which will greatly assist their police in their every day patrolling the streets. It has been reported that the Kingdom has introduced a new fleet of patrol cars that will be equipped with state of the art technology.

The cars have been given a classic black and white touch which resembles most of the American police cars. The new fleet of cars has been launched by the Interior Minister.

The Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who is also the minister of defense, and special adviser to the custodian of the two holy mosques and the chief of the royal court, visited the Asir region recently.

The purpose of this visit was to offer their condolences to all the families of the soldiers who had lost their lives while fighting the Houthis. The two Princes were received at the Abha Regional Airport by the Governor of Asir, Prince Faisal bin Khalid.

They were also received by General Mutlaq Al-Izamie who is the Commander of the Southern Zone and the Commander of the King Khaled Airbase amongst other high-level military and civilian officials.

The new technology which has been employed by the Kingdom in their police cars is something which puts all other police cars to shame. America and Europe need this technology in their patrol cars, even though they have some of the most modernized patrol cars in the world.

American police cars especially need this technology so that the number of policemen who died in the line of duty will significantly decrease. This is overall a great initiative by the Saudi Kingdom and should become a benchmark for the standard police car all around the world. Some of the unique features of these cars are;

1-These cars would allow them to identify people by scanning their number plates or even their fingerprints.

2-According to a police officer that spoke to the media, the cars are equipped with all the latest technology that could assist them in identifying drivers before approaching them. The officer can also relay the information back to the control room for any added advice or precautions he might need.

3-The new police cars are also equipped with fingerprint scanners which can reveal the status of residence of the person and details of his employer can also be seen.

Source: Arab News

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