5 features of New Saudi Electric Police Cars

Saudi Arabia will provide new electric cars to the police manufactured by Lucid in Jeddah with state-of-the-art features that the rest of the world has not seen before. Here are some of those features;

Features of New Saudi Police cars

Here are the fantastic features of the new Saudi Police cars:

1- The latest Saudi police car is now integrated with advanced artificial intelligence technology to detect and promptly monitor security violations. 

2- New Saudi police car scans passing vehicle plates and notifies officers if it detects a match to a known criminal from the database.

3- The Saudi Arabian police cars feature a facial recognition system that scans the faces of individuals in their vicinity and alerts officers if it matches them to a known criminal in the database.

4- The new police cars in Saudi Arabia are always connected to the Central Control Room and constantly send data to headquarters for analysis and processing.

5- Installing a drone on top of the police car can aid in obtaining a clear image of the area where any traffic violation or criminal activity is taking place. For example, if a criminal is stealing from pedestrians, the drone can capture photographs and record the event.

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