World’s fastest, tallest and longest roller coaster in Saudi Arabia

Are you an entertainment freak? Have you tried roller coasters? Did you ever think that the coaster rider was fast, and you were way too high? Well, to surprise you, we are going to have the “world’s longest, tallest and fastest roller coaster ride” in Saudi Arabia! So get ready for more speed and more height!

According to the Six Flags, which is basically an American theme park operator, soon 12 record-breaking attractions will be created in Saudi Arabia. The most prominent being the roller coaster ride as it would be record-breaking. The world’s largest, tallest and fastest roller coaster is all set to be launched in Saudi Arabia.

Six Flags organized a ceremony in Riyadh on August 26th, 2019. In the ceremony, they disclosed the designs of Qiddiya — a name given to the country’s mega entertainment-themed park. The park would be operational from 2023.

According to David McKillips, who belongs to Six Flags, this park is the most unique project of the Six flags. He also unveiled that the first phase of Qiddiya would complete by 2022. Qiddiya is extended upon an area of 32 hectares and includes 28 rides and attractions.

6 themed parks would be covered in Qiddiya:

  • The City of Thrills
  • Discovery Springs
  • Steam Town
  • Twilight Gardens
  • Valley of Fortune
  • Grand Exposition.

The Falcon’s flight, which is to be the world’s longest, tallest and fastest roller coaster, would be standing high in the city of thrills. So far the details of the Qiddiya’s record breaking roller coaster have not been shared.

Yet the current world’s fastest formula coaster named as the Formula Rossa Roller coaster is located in Abu Dhabi at the Ferrari world. Its speed is 240 km/h (150 mph). Within 4.9 seconds, one experiences intense speed. Being extremely speed and located at a fearful height of 52 meters, finishing a roller coaster ride there means to have accomplished a mega race where emotions are high and so is the heartbeat!

We are expecting Qiddiya’s formula race to be more fun, thrilling and exciting with more speed, length, and height!

Qiddiya is not just a park, it is more than an entertainment center: It is a megacity project which is designed to be a 24-hour operational destination resort. It would turn out to be a city that would be self-contained.

Located just at 40 km from Riyadh, it would allow people to work, entertain and study there. With more than 300 recreational and educational facilities, Qiddiya would be one of its own examples.

It is not a city based on mere parks & attractions, it has much more for you. With wide opportunities to sports, to viewing and experiencing the best infrastructure: Qiddiya would be hosting all necessities for its people. Art and culture would be promoted by including exhibitions and tales of the modern and historical arts.

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