Famous Filipina Tiktoker Embraces Islam in Dubai

Fiona, a famous TikToker with more than 800,000 followers has recently started a new chapter of life by embracing Islam in Ramadan. What motivated her to take this step? Let’s discuss Fiona’s journey from TikTok to Islam.

What Motivated Her To Accept Islam?

Fiona James, a resident of Manila, moved to the UAE eight years ago. During her interview with a local newspaper publisher, she said Azan always intrigued her and made her feel calm. She said it also made her inquisitive about Islam. 


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Furthermore, she clarified that converting to Islam was her own decision and resolution. No one forced her to do so, nor did anyone restrain her from following her decision.

A New Beginning As A Muslim

Fionaa James changed her name to Zainab to start her journey as a Muslim. She accepted Islam at Islamic Information Center Satwa in Dubai in the first week of Ramadan 2023. Moreover, a “New Muslim” certification is also issued to her.

She is currently taking online classes from Islamic Information Center and her course will finish in a month. In this course, she will learn about Islam and how to practice her life as a Muslim. Besides this, she has started to read and memorize the smaller Surahs of the Holy Qur’an.


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Reaction Of Families And Friends

How did her family and friends react to her news of accepting Islam as her new religion?

According to Zainab (Fiona), her family and friends were happy with her decision. She said her family is very happy and supportive of her new decision. Similarly, her friends are also quite supportive and happy to know her new life resolution. 


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Zainab also discussed one of his Pakistani friend name Salman who helped her a lot to study Islam and also proved as a motivation to start a new chapter of her life.

She said Salman is also a TikToker with more than 2 million followers and the two made several videos together on the platform.

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