Stamp family visit visa for Saudi Arabia from Pakistan

After getting the visa approved from the MOFA, you need to stamp the family visit visa for Saudi Arabia from Pakistan. Here is the detailed procedure.

Required Documents

The following documents are required to stamp a family visit visa for Saudi Arabia from Pakistan.

  1. Etimad Appointment.
  2. Visa Slip printed from MOFA Saudi Arabia.
  3. Original Passport with 6 months validity.
  4. CNIC of the applicant.
  5. Marriage certificate attested by the Pakistani Foreign Office. 
  6. Passport + Iqama copy of the applicant in Saudi Arabia.
  7. Relationship evidence.
  8. Two Pics in the white background.
  9. Vaccination Card for children.
  10. Muqeem paper (screenshot of Absher account with dependent details).
Muqeem Paper
Muqeem paper from Absher

Visit Etimad Office

There are 5 Etimad offices in Pakistan and you need to visit the same office which is written on your visa slip.

  • A person with Islamabad visa slip can go to Etimad Lahore, Peshawar, and Islamabad.
  • A person with Karachi visa slip can go to Etimad Quetta and Karachi.

Etimad Offices in Pakistan

Biometric Verification

After submitting your documents, the Etimad office will scan your fingerprints as biometrics verification is required for every type of visa.

Lounge/Normal Package

The staff at Etimad office might push you to go for the lounge package as it costs more than the normal package. In my opinion, one should take the normal package.

Etimad Family Visit Visa Fee

The fee to stamp a family visit visa for Saudi Arabia from Pakistan is around SR 40,000 per person which includes insurance and other charges. The rates may vary with the fluctuation in the exchange rate.

fee for family visit visa for Saudi Arabia from PakistanVisa Processing Time

The visa processing time at the Etimad office in Pakistan is around one week. Although the staff will ask you to check back after 2 weeks, it is normally processed within one week.

Check Visa Stamping Status

After submitting the visa application for a family visit visa for Saudi Arabia from Pakistan, anyone can check the visa stamping status with your passport number through the Enjaz website.

Is the return ticket required for a family visit visa?

After the family visit visa is stamped on the passport, you need to book a return ticket for Saudi Arabia. You can book the return ticket within 180 days of arrival to Saudi Arabia as everyone knows that the visit visa can be extended for 6 months.

The immigration officer has the right to deport a passenger who travels without a valid return ticket to Saudi Arabia. 

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