Saudi Family arranged SR 19.5 million in 22 years to pay as Blood Money

Blood money is usually defined as money paid to the family of someone who has been murdered. It is mostly paid by the murderer himself. I personally think people need a lot of guts and strength to accept blood money because there is nothing in this world that can bring back a dead person to life; not even a billion or trillion dollars!  A similar case took place in Dammam when a murderer who had been in jail for the past 22 years was finally bailed out after the victim’s family accepted SR 19.5 million as blood money. Muhammad Ali Al-Qahs was the murderer who was taken out of jail after the victim’s family member; Saeed Saad Al-Salem accepted the blood money.[irp]

The murderer, Al Qahs was sentenced to death when he was 15 years old however due to the late execution of this case; it was left to decide for the victim’s family whether they would agree with the murderer being put to death or to forgive him in exchange of blood money. The murdered is said to be 37 years old now, according to his uncle Muhammad Hamad Al-Qahs.  The uncle showed extreme delight while stating how extremely happy and thankful he is to the victim’s family who finally got Al Qahs bailed out as it was an immature and stupid mistake made by him when he was of a young age. Al Qahs family is also very happy and delighted to see him back.

According to Al Qahs, the victim family requested for a total of SR 19.5 million as blood money which includes SR 1.5 million for a house donation and SR 18 million to be transferred to their personal bank account. Al Qahs also said how this blood money collection wouldn’t have been possible without the help of donations done by the people of his society and from rich business owners.

The uncle continuously kept thanking the victim’s family for the forgiveness, Allah and all the people who had faith in Al Qahs and of course, the Emir of the Eastern province for their cooperating and accommodating legal system.

However, it is deeply saddening to see someone so young as a 15-year-old take such a huge step by murdering another person. No matter what the issue was, violence is never an answer to anything in the world. Of course, Al Qahs was bailed out and forgiven by the victim’s family but, did it bring back the victim? Or will he be forgiven in the Hereafter? Or will he live the rest of his life without any regret or guilt?[irp]

I do not think so. Every individual is accountable for his or her deeds, be them good ones or bad ones. Al Qahs should spend the rest of his life asking for forgiveness from Allah as He is the merciful and forgiver.

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