Family of 16 Pakistani beggars arrested before leaving for KSA

16 members of a Pakistani family who were going to Saudi Arabia on Umrah visa were offloaded and arrested at Multan Airport as it was revealed that they were going there for begging.

According to a report released by Khalid Anees, the Director of the Federal Investigation Agency [FIA], a family was questioned at Multan Airport in Pakistan while traveling to Saudi Arabia on an Umrah visa.

The questioning was due to suspicion, and it was later discovered that the family’s true intention for traveling was to engage in begging activities. Further investigation was carried out to gather more information regarding the matter.

During the investigation, the family said three agents had arranged their accommodation in Saudi Arabia.

Director FIA Khalid Anees says that 11 women, 5 men, and one child have been detained, a case has been registered against all the family members, and an investigation has been started.

It should be remembered that two days ago, the Secretary Overseas also stated in the Senate Standing Committee that 90% of the beggars arrested abroad are Pakistanis, which is shameful for the nation as a whole.

Source: Al Arabiya

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