Procedure to get family iqama for dependents

Once your family arrives in Saudi Arabia on a permanent family visa, you need to follow the procedure to apply for Iqama for all your dependents. 

Required Documents

The following documents are required in the family iqama procedure for all your dependents after their arrival in Saudi Arabia;

  1. Medical fitness certificate from an approved clinic/lab.
  2. Medical Insurance from the same company as the family head.
  3. Fill the Iqama Form.
  4. Pay the Dependent Fee. 
  5. Pictures of each dependent. 
  6. Passport copies of the dependents.
  7. Passport copies of the sponsor.
  8. Iqama copy of dependents.

Required documents to get family iqama for dependentsIt is worth noting that there is no dependent fee for the first 90 days of the arrival of family members in Saudi Arabia. It means that the dependent fee will be paid till your iqama expiry date minus 90 days.

Visit Jawazat

After arranging all the required documents to get family iqama for dependents, the next step in the procedure is to visit Jawazat.

Print: Present all your docs in your turn and take the print of the Iqama there and then.

Correction: Check the details like name etc. on the iqama. If the name or religion etc. is wrong, then there is another counter for the correction. 

family iqama procedureFine for the late issuance of Iqama

  • There is no fee for the family Iqama or correction of information.
  • However, you will have to pay SR 1,000 fine if Iqama is not processed within 3 months.

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