Fake ID: Expat commits crime, Saudi gets in trouble

An expat is arrested by Jeddah police who kept on using the ID card of a Saudi and committed several crimes.

Due to using an ID card belonging to another person, the real culprit remained out of prison every time and police arrested the person whose ID he was using continuously.

Expat stole the wallet containing the card

The expat stole the wallet of Saudi containing his ID card and started committing several kinds of crimes by making everyone feel that he is Al-Harbi who’s ID card he had stolen.

Despite fulfilling all legal requirements, he faced several issues and the worst nightmare of his life started over.

What were the committed crimes?

He committed multiple crimes for 12 years including assaulting girls, traffic rules violation, and running up debt from different financial aid institutions. 

The troubles faced by the Saudi citizen

Saudi citizen Abdullah Al-Harbi told the media that he started facing trouble near 12 years ago when he was called to the police station for the very first time due to a criminal activity reported on his ID card.

  • STC also called him asking to pay the bill of SR 3,000 in his name.
  • He received several traffic violations on his name.
  • Once he was accused of raping a girl and becoming the father of her legitimate child. 

Now the criminal got arrested while committing violations of traffic rules and the innocent citizen got rid of the worst nightmare of his life.

Source: Arab News

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