10 interesting facts about Saudi weddings

Saudi Arabia is a fun country to explore. It is a country that possesses a unique culture and traditions. The wedding culture in Saudi Arabia is a bit different from the wedding culture around the world. Attending a Saudi wedding might not be just a normal wedding experience.

Even though one Saudi wedding might differ from another Saudi wedding because of the family norms and traditions, yet on a whole a typical Saudi wedding must be filled with the following surprises. So sit back and explore some fun facts about a typical Saudi wedding. Recommended: 8 Traditions of Saudi Wedding Functions

  1. The wedding is planned for months

Saudi weddings cannot take place after a week or so. Saudis need at-least three months to plan a wedding. Yet surprisingly the event that is planned for months is based on a few hours especially the ladies party where the bride sits back and receives tons of wishes from everyone!

  1. Important note on all invitations

The fancy invites do have an important note on them which shall be read before leaving for the Saudi wedding. The invite clearly depicts the number of people called for the wedding and of course, it will have a note alarming that kids, cellphones, and pictures are not allowed!

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  1. Not all Saudi weddings are lavish

Okay, I do agree that Saudi Arabia has been able to carve out this perception that all Saudi weddings are lavish yet there are many people practicing simple marriages. The marriage takes place with simple décor and few guests in a hotel or home. Recommended: How is the Saudi Wedding Celebrated at Women Side?

  1. Remember the dance rule

if you really feel like dancing at a wedding, please remember that you shall wait for elders to leave. Once the elders are gone, you may dance or party. Yet as a sign of respect you cannot dance in front of elders. Recommended: 10 things you can experience only at Saudi Weddings

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  1. A wedding theme

In the past, we would have colors theme in weddings where we would decide that which color is to be worn on which day, but recently almost every Saudi wedding rests on a theme. The theme can be a Cinderella theme or a wonderland theme which is strictly followed from décor to dresses to invitation cards!

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  1. Heavy amount of dowry

Many men and women are not able to get married in Saudi Arabia due to the fact that the man is not able to save the amount of Mahr. Mahr is a gift given to wife at the time of marriage. It is bargained before the marriage takes place and ranges from SR 50,000 to SR 500,000. Recommended: What is the average cost of a wedding in Saudi Arabia?

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  1. The bride needs to enter alone

I have seen brides in the west and Asia walking with a bunch of family members on their arrival, yet in Saudi Arabia, the bride has to enter all alone.

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  1. The white dress

Recently, Saudi brides have started to opt for a white dress on their marriage. The traditional gold and red dresses have now been replaced with white color.

  1. The henna has changed

We all know that a Saudi bride must have henna on her hands and foot. In the past, the brides would go with a traditional henna pattern on their palms and foot. Yet know Indian and Moroccan designs that delicate and detailed are in fashion.

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  1. Traditional food on pre-wedding parties

Before the actual wedding day, there are some pre-wedding celebrations. The best part about these parties is that some traditional food such as Mandi is served.

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