5 Factors to Consider when buying Used Car in Saudi Arabia

The car is an essential part of every home these days. Those who are crazy about car brands they would prefer latest and new brands and models of cars. Those who take cars from an economic point of view shall consider is from prudence point of view.

They better prefer a second-hand car as it would save not only money but would ease them to use car anywhere without getting worried about too much damage to the new car. Second-hand cars save money no doubt but one has to cautious while purchasing such stuff.

This practice in Saudi Arabia with bad exposure or knowledge about second-hand car purchase may cause a headache. Second-hand cars are sometimes difficult to handle. One should have sufficient knowledge to check key areas while purchasing a used car.

01-Check the engine condition: First, open the hood of the car and have a look at a car engine, first chase Vehicle identification number, if it is not at an original place that indicates the fender has been replaced. Then chase any brown oil stains on the engine block.

If they are there it is an indication of leakage in the gasket. It can lead to expensive repairs. Check the condition of coolant in the overflow jar. If it is filthy brown it may mean that it has never been flushed. In the case of steel timing chain inside the car, it does not matter a lot like the normal lifespan of a timing belt varies between 60- 100 thousand miles.

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02-Check the exterior and interior: After checking engine promptly check the exterior and interior condition of a car. In interior check seat belts, look for any tears, stains or any other kind of damage. Check the condition of the air conditioner. It is good in a car with coolant R134.

In exterior make sure that tires are in good condition. Look for anything sagging on the car. Check the paint condition diligently. Feel the edges with fingers run on joints. Check there is a spare tire in the car and tread of other tires. Check the surface of the tire for feathering. Critically review the frame of the car for any frame damage.

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03-Consider the mileage: After that, the next check is, of course, the ODO Meter. It tells the age of cars as wrinkles on one’s face. The average rate of car mileage during one year is around 25,000 km – 30,000 km.  Sometimes an old car is properly taken care by owner and shows less mileage than its age.

So there are many factors that can affect mileage check. It is a rare case element. Normally the car age can be estimated by checking mileage. Make sure you don’t become a victim of ODO Meter Fraud. Recommended: 8 Tips to avoid ODO Meter Fraud while buying a used Car

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04-Have a test drive: The next thing is to check car by taking a test drive. This practice gives a first and compact overview of car’s condition. Take a test drive up to 60 mph on a vacant road. Check for any vibration in brake, pedal or check the smoothness of gear.

A trepidation during test drive may indicate repair need of 100 -300 Riyals. It may indicate a fault in joints and loosen bolts. Check for any kind of noise car produces during driving it indicates there is something inside the car that is in an unfit condition.

05-Analyze feasibility on Saudi Arabia roads: The most important thing is to check whether the car is feasible for a drive in Saudi Arabia. Normally cars made inside the state are made according to that. Which are imported from abroad need to be updated according to the feasibility conditions?

During 2013 many cars which were imported from the USA were damaged. Recently in 2013, an imported car was sold after repairing from damage and sold to customers with the new brand look. This caused a misunderstanding at the edge of customer who was unaware of actual embezzlement and took it as a bargain.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.